The photographic series that I am going to present to you here has the intrinsic structure of never ending.

Autobiographical, it will evolve as a common thought throughout my life. I already started it a long time ago, without knowing it myself and in essence, it will have to be worked on without me really wanting it.

It will be the same for the inherent note of intent: many of you and the juries in the sibmission have advised me to reduce it, to summarize it. The word was often "synthesize". Tonight and for the rest of my life I will do the exact opposite. What I aspire to for this project: To write again and again. Develop, deepen, clarify.

Translating grace through the favor of hyper-contemplation and reflections dissolved in the wandering of habit.

Anatomical decomposit of a bird's flight
From Above The City Is Beautiful Underneath
When I was young, I often wondered if music groups listened to their own albums.

If a singer likes to hear his voice, or if he changes frequency if his music comes to pass, for the umpteenth time in the radio of his car at the bend of a highway ramp.

The answer is obviously different for everyone.

However, by drawing a parallel with photography, my personal answer seems perfectly clear to me.

When I produce, I tend towards what I like, I like what I produce, I take pleasure in showing it and de facto, I also take pleasure in watching it.
The great escape
Becoming a photographer was a long learning process.

Through technique, of course, but also through photographic language.

I believe that any artistic approach is motivated by something much deeper than a simple need for expression as we often say.
Zebras, it seems, can't diagnoses themselves
The flowers you inspire me
In fact, it is the beginning of the process that is done by need to communicate, but all that stems first from a shock, an experience, strong emotions. And it is these states of mind that mark us forever.
This shock lets us glimpse a new language, that of expressing oneself in feelings, of touching others emotionally. 

They will allow us, as artists, to perceive the emotional potential of a light, a curve, a frame, in short, to grasp the beauty, perceived, from the first glance. To translate it, or to create it.

If there is a moment when one can speak of "having a photographic eye", I think it is only about this specific case. Seeing through the first layer of routine, blandness, habit.

Find in everyday things, and at least everyday things; the extraordinary.
Cow lay down before it rains
Photography is in fact only the medium, the ability to exteriorize one's lived emotions. To sublimate them, in a way, thanks to this means of expression. Finally, wouldn't the photographic signature of one of the others reside simply in this translation of beauty, specific to each one?

“Because it seems that I am an artist?
What is an artist?
A good-for-nothing who touches others.“

-Antoine Valentinelli

It was my shock. Understand that I wasn't there to be good at anything else.
Of course, we escape through art, mentally. I always have. But I understood at that moment that I could also do it physically. Make the whole world believe that what I was doing was a job. To have a legal status, to pay taxes.. All that simply to be free to be able to continue to do so.

I think this because photography would have been unconditionally present. I think it's quite simply what is called linking the useful to the pleasant... Except that I do the opposite. I link the pleasant, which already been here, to the useful.

Touching people by and for what has thrilled us personally for so many years.
Inner wave
So here are mine, my visions of the things surrounding us.

The black circle of my pupil, and the iris of emotions that emanates from it. Treatment of etching on the silver print; vibrate the texture all around. Beauty is everywhere.

Do as you please, and sometimes you'll find people who speak the same language. Celebrate the human, the imprint that people leave on the world and that the world leaves on people.

As it has been said better than me, and before me: The world will not die for lack of wonder, but not for lack of wonder.
©Clément Marion tous droits réservés.
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